Saturday, August 29, 2009

day two

emerald isle, nc

today my family and i went to the ocean. it was balmy, salty, and the sand like baby powder. my favorite things about the ocean is the foam that salt water leaves in its wake, and - of course - the sound. i could listen to the ocean forever and never once stop being entranced by it. what's really fascinating is standing on the beach, looking out at the water, and realizing that morocco is on the other side. it's like standing at the edge of a deep, mysterious titanic-grave abyss.

hurricane danny has been stirring up the atlantic lately, and today the waves were massive and so powerful that they were quite scary at times. a two-foot remnant of one could knock you over, no problem. it makes me wonder how scary it would be to have a fifty foot wall of tsunami water coming towards you. i shudder just thinking about it.

i got a lot of sun, my hair and skin feel gross from the salt water, and i couldn't be happier.

Friday, August 28, 2009

day one

stand up straight: what my mother tells me constantly when i'm home; what i constantly try to remind myself to do.

i've always had bad posture, been disorganized, always late, always putting my foot in my mouth. but i look at the people in my life who have stuck it out with me and loved me just the same - family, friends, relationships - and i know that no matter how quirky and messy i am, i'm still okay. that there's something in me worth hanging around for.

this blog is about self, life, and what if.


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