Tuesday, December 29, 2009

day fifteen

last new year's fireworks

man i need to update this thing more often.

i've been feeling more and more like myself lately. for a while i thought i'd lost me.
does that ever happen to you?

i'm in a weird mood this evening. kind of nostalgic and kind of sad mixed with a little guilt for some reason. listening to death cab to help me feel better.

this mood reminds me of a poem i wrote a few summers back. it's about an almost relationship. i hope that scenario never happens again. it doesn't really have a title:

just one brush of humanity
one character on the machine
in the middle of your day
it was all just a feeling
some stars upon the rooftops
drinks with the fireflies

music music music was all you would say
and i never even noticed
too busy staring at your ears
i heard what i wanted to
read between my lines

through the mist i missed your throat
it's cleared up now but your music is gone
i would hold your hands and cry
but all i have is one touch from you
one character on the machine
lets me know it was all real

we could clear up this mess with some tea
and you wold thank me later
but you're too busy with virtual reality
and i'm stuck in outer space

but someday we'll play some chess
and maybe write a novel
it could be about music
and all of the stars

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

day fourteen

things i did today:

· watched a bronze pour

· threw some teeny pots on the wheel in ceramics class

· watched my friend's band jam for a while