Tuesday, January 12, 2010

day sixteen

i've been pretty down lately, but today was the first good day i've had in a while. so, to keep myself in a good mood for days to come, i've compiled a list of good things.

things that make me happy:

· art - looking at it, talking about it, thinking about it. i love being an art student. today was my first day back in the art school, and there's work up and work being made. bliss.

· friends and family. i got to see my family over break, and i've been seeing friends since i got back.

· my name necklace - i really like my name. and this necklace that i got as a christmas gift to myself. (mynamenecklace.com)

· video games. over break i played ffx, wii sports, and borderlands.

south haven

· beaches. awesome even in the winter.

· records. i busted mine out yesterday and cranked out some tunes.

· books. i love reading but i usually don't have a lot of time to. i'm gonna try to change that.

the bedwel's fireworks
· fireworks. got to see 'em on new year's eve.

· movies. i watched tons over break, including 500 days of summer, amelie, and paris je t'aime.

· hello kitty. fa sho.

downtown kalamazoo

· christmas lights

· cooking! i've been trying out new recipes since i got back from break.

sewing a dress over break

· sewing. or knitting. or crocheting.

· and last but not least, this guy i'm seeing. his name's andy. 'nuff said.