Wednesday, October 14, 2009

day twelve

dead fowl

i was running late this morning so i took a different way to class. i don't know what kind of bird this was, but it was big, and it somehow died like this. very peculiar.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

day eleven

staging being lost in the woods

full day of classes today. haven't done much, but focused mainly on photo work. i did manage to do a study out in the woods. my focus right now is about being lost, so i needed to see what being lost really looks like.

i got a really good grade and feedback on my last critique. i feel good about my work and excited about where it's going.

good day.


Monday, October 12, 2009

day ten

chillin' with jackie, drinking pomegranate italian soda

had a strange day today, though i finally got my bridge card situated. i now recieve 200$$ a month for food from the government. so to celebrate, and to center myself, i cooked cheese enchiladas verde. never made enchiladas before, but it was so easy and i love them. vegetarian, of course.


the filling is garlic cream cheese, topped with a mixture of shredded zuccini, cheese, and cilantro. then they're wrapped up and covered with salsa verde. delish.

finished product. yumm


Sunday, October 11, 2009

day nine

me in katie's mask

went shooting with my friend katie today. she found this cool halloween front yard and asked the owners if we could shoot there.

we then ended up at this old abandoned building. it seemed like it might've been a church.

katie & her 4x5 camera

one of katie's shots i snapped from behind the 4x5


Saturday, October 10, 2009

day eight

purple haze & sapporo

i actually did something interesting today. my roommate jackie and i ended up at world market ("retail therapy gone global!"), and we ended up bringing home a bunch of imported beers to try and some japanese candies that we know and love.

purple haze is a raspberry wheat beer. sounds amazing, but i was a little disappointed. i was thinbking it would be like sam adams' cherry wheat, but without the cherry. worth a try.

sapporo was surprisingly different; it has a more bitter aftertaste and kind of a funky smell, but actually is delicious.

i haven't tried the other kind we got yet.

monty python's holy grail ale
"tempered over burning witches!"

i also got apple hi-chew, which is texturally somewhere between a gummy candy, a taffy, and bubble gum. it's delicious, and the flavors are mouth-watering. i've also had red apple, grape, melon, and strawberry. yum.

and finally, meiji apollo. they taste a lot like strawberry pocky, but without the biscuit. and it's really cute.

apple hi-chew and apollo

what's better than culture and cuisine?

nothing, that's what.

Friday, October 9, 2009

day seven

grocery store sushi

  • i wish my hair was longer
  • i wish i wasn't so poor so i could afford sweet clothes
  • i wish the sun would come out
  • i wish i had more time to spend on my photography work
  • i wish i could see my boyfriend more often
  • i wish i could eat sushi every day

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

day six

blake lively & leighton meester ala rolling stone

i'm almost caught up with watching gossip girl! i can't believe i ever watched the show, let alone got addicted to it. oh well.

my 'u' key sticks.


i'm so in love with my photography work right now.
sooo happy!